Beautiful Advent Calendar 2021 vectorency
Beautiful Advent Calendar 2021 vectorency

Make Your Beautiful Advent Calendar 2021 by Yourself

Christmas is near, dear! And with the similar kind of joy and happiness feeling for every year that you have already been through, it’s just perfect that this year, you can design your advent calendar on your own.

Yes, DIY! Create it by yourself.

We have some steps of DIY to ensure you and everyone in your family have your advent calendar that fits your style.

For a good start, prepare your materials and tools first, such as stiff acrylic felt in a variety of colors for the ornaments, green felt (for the Christmas Tree), ribbon, wooden dowel, floral wire, hot glue, decorative wired ribbon, hook and loop dots (to add the ornaments to the tree), iron-on vinyl (or another heat transfer vinyl), a freezer paper, a lint roller, and hanger.

Don’t forget to prepare your tools too like machine mats in green and purple (for the felt), some scissors, a weeding tool, ruler, fabric pen, a brayer, a hack saw or some tools that can cut the wooden dowel, and Cricut cutting machine (for cutting both the felt and vinyl). In this project, you can use any series of Cricut Maker and Explore that you have. So, without spending any more time again, let’s make your beautiful advent calendar Christmas Trees.

  1. First, make your own design and start picking what ornaments that you want in the Design Space application. For an easy start, just try the existing shapes like stars, circles, diamonds, hearts, squares, etc.
  2. Or, if not, you can find many free ornaments in .svg, .dxf, or .pdf format from free resources on the internet
  3. Upload those files to your design software, such as Design Space app
  4. Now, look at your felt and choose the right felt for it, for example, contrasting felt for the background
  5. Change the colors on the design objects to match it with the felt that you want
  6. Now, prepare your felt and cut it depending on your designs ornaments
  7. Use your ruler and scissors for each piece of ornaments that you will use
  8. If you use an explore Series machine, well, you will need to cut freezer paper too at the same size with the felt piece for each mat
  9. After finishing your cutting felt pieces, now, turn to the app and load your mat into the cutting machine
  10. Remove the felt from the mat by using freeze paper to back it or turn the mat over then bend it slightly
  11. If you want to add some words like “Happy Holidays” or “Happy Christmas” on the bottom of your Christmas Tree, well, upload the design’s file on the app like before
  12. For this optional step, use the black glitter iron-on smart vinyl after selecting “without mat” on the app. The base material that you use for it is smart iron-on vinyl. But, if you are using another base material for this, just select “browse all materials.”
  13. Now, return to the next step of making your trees
  14. Choose one felt for the background. You will need your pencil, ruler, and scissors to make the lines from the top and bottom of your felt
  15. Now, take your felt pieces and make up your tree from bottom to top. Don’t forget to mark the placement of those pieces. Use your straight pins
  16. Add glue to all of those felt pieces, from the first row (on the top)
  17. Use your fingers to press it and continue to add plenty of glue until the bottom of the tree
  18. For final, press all of those pieces then remove all straight pins on all pieces
  19. After the glue on the tree has dried, now, put your ornaments and then add the hanger and dowel. Also, add ribbon to hang on the tree
  20. The final step is to add the words “Happy Christmas” or “Happy Holiday” that you made before, first, heat the bottom of the felt for five seconds by using the heat-transfer vinyl, add those words, and heat it again until it’s cool
  21. Now, you can peel off the liner for finishing your DIY Advent Calendar Christmas Tree

Anyway, if you are struggling to make your ornaments’ design, try lots of our Christmas designs on our online store, Vectorency, and type “Christmas” on our searching column right on the page. Then you will be taken to In there, you will see a bunch of our unique ornaments for Christmas Trees at such affordable prices. It’s just around $0.99 – $4.00 for .png, .svg, .dxf, and .eps formats.

Learn more from this video.

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