Product Image

Product image using 4:3 ratio, example 1280px X 960x.

Gallery Image

Product image using 4:3 ratio, minimum resolution: 1280px X 960x. Max up to 10 images.

Product Name

Fill in the name of your product clearly and concisely. This will have an effect on search engines.


Fill in the selling price of your product, fill in $ 0 for free products.

Discounted Price

You can give a discount in this column. Enter it is lower than the price you previously entered. Click schedule to set the discount price schedule that you give to your prospective customers.

Short Description

Write a brief description of your product


Choose a category for your product, if you are confused, please select uncategorized.


To get great results in search. Fill in the appropriate Product Tags. Fill in a maximum of 10 tags.


In this column you can explain your product description in great detail. Below are the important things that should be included in the description:

  • the types of files the buyer will accept
  • support program for your product
  • instructions on how to use your product
  • other notes


permalink vectorency Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines

You can change the permalink according to your wishes. If there is a number at the permalink ending, it means that the permalink is duplicate.

Product Type

Screenshot 28 Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines

For product type, choose simple and check the downloadable. If you uncheck then you will not be able to upload files. And there is a high probability that your product will not be accepted.
Upload File

Screenshot 30 Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines

Click on the add file button, and select the file you have prepared. Files must be compressed. The maximum file size is 1,000MB, if more than that please attach it in a PDF that includes a download link to the product file. In the download limit and expiry column, you don’t need to fill in anything.
Attribute – File Include
Screenshot 31 Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines
Select attribute – file includes, and select the file type that is in your product.
Screenshot 32 Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines

Attribute – License

Screenshot 33 Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines

Select attributes then select license, and select the appropriate license you provide for your product.

Screenshot 34 Vectorency Product Submission Guidelines