Vectorency Refund Policy

Welcome to Vectorency, your premier destination for high-quality digital graphic design products from our global community. Vectorency Marketplace is committed to providing a transparent and satisfying shopping experience for our customers.

1. Types of Products and Services offers a variety of digital graphic design products, including SVG, Vector, PNG, DXF, PDF, and more, developed by Vectorency Studio and our global community of sellers.

2. Time Limit

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to submit a refund request, provided that the purchased file has not been downloaded.

3. Refund Request Process

Please visit the Customer Complaint Form page to complete the refund request form in detail.

4. Refund Conditions

Before submitting a refund request, we recommend communicating with the seller on the Vectorency Marketplace platform regarding the condition of the intended downloaded file. If there is no response within 2 x 24 hours, please contact us through this form.

5. Refund Procedure

A refund will be granted without conditions if the purchased file has not been downloaded. However, if the file has already been downloaded or opened, the refund request will not be applicable.

6. Refund Fees

Refund fees will be borne by the buyer and processed through the initial payment method, including PayPal deductions according to the Vectorency Marketplace policy.

7. Refund Methods

  • If the purchase was made through PayPal, the refund will be processed via PayPal.
  • If the purchase was made using Vectorency credits, the funds will be returned to your Vectorency account.

8. Technical Issues with Purchases

If you encounter technical issues with your digital product purchase, such as unexpected errors when using SVG files, please contact the seller first. They have the best understanding of their products and aim to ensure your satisfaction.

If there is no response from the seller after 48 business hours, please contact us through this page, and we will assist in contacting them on your behalf.

9. Policy Updates

This policy may be updated as needed. Vectorency Marketplace prioritizes integrity, customer satisfaction, and effective communication.

10. Customer Service Hours

Vectorency customer service operates on the Indonesia Western Time. Please be aware of the time zone difference with our customers.

Thank you for your trust in Vectorency.