Create Your Own Toppers Design for Chic Birthday and Wedding Cakes Ever
Create Your Own Toppers Design for Chic Birthday and Wedding Cakes Ever
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Create Your Own Toppers Design for Chic Birthday and Wedding Cakes Ever

For a special day like a birthday and wedding, of course, you want to make your decorate cake looks special too, right?

Then, get some fun by creating your designs for chic cake toppers ever!

Cake Topper Design

Add it with your favorite script and fonts to make your cakes don’t look boring like generic cakes from store-bought out there.

For that, we prepare simple DIY steps about how to make your cake toppers right down below!

  • Prepare all materials and tools that you need, such as sheets of cardstock, bamboo skewers, glue, and tools like scissors or craft knives.
  • Prepare your cake topper designs and templates
  • For this design, you can make your design whatsoever or search from many free resource templates on the internet
  • Choose name and phrases that seems unique to you
  • Know the size of your cake first because the cake topper design will depend on your cake’s size
  • Don’t forget to choose the unique font for your pre-made cake topper designs, like Blackfat or Breaking Bread fonts, or other fonts as well
  • Now, get a template for your cake topper
  • Cut it out by hand with a craft knife
  • Or, if you have it, you can cut it with a cutting machine like Cricut for an easier process
  • Cut out your cardstock layers
  • Choose any color that you want for every layer
  • If you want the same color for every layer to make your cake calmer and look simple, go ahead. But if you love to see the contrasting color for your name or phrase, just choose a different contrasting color for every layer
  • Double layers will be adding stability to your cake topper for sure
  • Using glue skewers to attach those layers
  • Finally, add bamboo skewers to your cake. This is so necessary for your cake topper to stand on top of your cake.
  • Use glue the skewers to the back of the design or glue the optional ring to the back and slide your skewers through the holes in the rings.
  • If you use gluing your skewers, that will be a little stronger for your cake topper
  • But if you want to remove the skewers when your party is over, use the ring with holes.

With such few materials, even you can create your name tag for the cake, you can have fun by creating your DIY cake topper. But when you are so struggling to make this bunch of steps especially if you are so busy right now, then it’s ok if you decide to buy it. So that please welcome to our online store, You can find lots of craft models in there for your birthday and wedding.

For your birthday, choose any toppers design that you want from blues birthday party printable, numbers, superheroes, even squid game birthday cake topper have already been there. All those topper designs are available in .svg, .dkf, .png, and .eps format. Anyway, the cost itself is so affordable, ranging from $1.90 to $3.40 bucks. For that, just check or

Furthermore, for the wedding, you can find a bunch of topper ideas on the website as well. All available in several formats of design from .svg, .dxf, .png, and also .eps. So, how about the cost? Well, don’t be worried. It’s so fit with your pocket. You can get it only for around $0.90 – $2.00 on our website

More more tutorial please watch this video

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