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How Adding SEO to Your Store

SEO helps improve the quality of your shop page. Let’s start how to set up SEO on shop page. To customize the fields of Store SEO, log in to your account and navigate to your Dashboard ( and select Settings > SEO Store ( from therein. After that, you will find the following options for…

May Bonus Cashback 50% up to $10

Shop now. following the terms of this promo: Cashback will be sent automatically to your Vectorency Wallet. Cashback will be received by the buyer a maximum of 1×24 hours after the transaction is complete. Minimum Cart Amount $5 for cashback This promo does not use a coupon. Cashback will be calculated at checkout when the…

Must Have Cricut Accessories

What are your must have cricut accessories? Well, it depends on you, really. Beginner crafters only need several items, while advanced crafters would need more. It doesn’t hurt to have some accessories that can help you grow and develop, especially to the higher level. So, what are the necessary items to own?