cricut vs xtool M1
cricut vs xtool M1

Xtool M1 VS Cricut Maker

Crafting enthusiasts often find themselves torn between various cutting machines when it comes to creating intricate designs from materials like cardstock. In a recent comparison by Craft With Sarah, the cutting functionalities of the Xtool M1 laser cutter and the Cricut Maker were put to the test, specifically focusing on their abilities to handle cardstock. The results revealed a clear winner in the realm of precision and smoothness.

Xtool M1 vs. Cricut Maker

The Xtool M1, known for its versatility with a laser cutter and a blade for cardstock and other materials, faced off against the Cricut Maker, a dedicated machine designed specifically for precise cutting of cardstock and various materials.

Test Scenarios

Three distinct tests were conducted to assess the performance of both machines. The first involved cutting simple birthday images from cardstock using the Xtool M1, where the cuts were subpar, and the machine struggled to penetrate the cardstock completely. In the second test, a more complex lion image was cut with improved results but still exhibited challenges in cutting through the cardstock. The third and final test involved cutting the same lion image from cardstock on the Cricut Maker, showcasing flawless cuts without any issues.


The findings were conclusive in favor of the Cricut Maker. The machine consistently delivered smoother and more precise cuts, even when faced with intricate designs. Notably, the Cricut Maker effortlessly cut through thicker cardstock, showcasing its superior capability compared to the Xtool M1.


While the Xtool M1 boasts versatility as a laser cutter with broader material capabilities, its performance in cutting cardstock falls short when compared to the specialized Cricut Maker. The latter emerged as the preferred choice for cardstock crafts, demonstrating impeccable precision and the ability to handle thicker materials. Craft With Sarah’s comparison provides valuable insights for crafters seeking the optimal machine for their cardstock cutting needs, highlighting the importance of choosing a tool tailored to the specific requirements of the craft at hand.

Video Xtool M1 vs. Cricut Maker

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