Must Have Cricut Accessories
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Must Have Cricut Accessories

What are your must have cricut accessories? Well, it depends on you, really. Beginner crafters only need several items, while advanced crafters would need more. It doesn’t hurt to have some accessories that can help you grow and develop, especially to the higher level. So, what are the necessary items to own?

Must Have Cricut Accessories – the Special Blades

You probably think that there is only one type of blade used in the craft, but there are actually several types needed for the work. One of the most popular options is the fine-point German carbide blade. It is sharp and it usually comes with the cricut package. When it is dull, you can always replace it easily. The blade is useful for all kinds of cutting activities.

Another popular option is the Deep Cut type. This one is generally used for thicker materials, such as leather and thin wood. If you want to use this blade, you will need a separate housing and then swap it. It should be done out from the machine. But if you have the housing, you can purchase it individually.

Another one is the Bonded Fabric blade. When you use some sort of fabric, you need to stabilize it first – whether with Heat N Bond or other types of stabilizer. Once you have done it, you can use the blade to cut the fabric.

Keep in mind that there are still more types of blade available in Cricut Maker. Expect to find debossing tip, engraving tip, a wavy tool, a perforation blade, a scoring wheel, a rotary blade, and a knife blade. Accessories from one manufacturer don’t necessarily mean that they would be compatible with other manufacturers. So, you need to check – it would be great if you can buy universal accessories that can be used with different machines.

  • Cutting Mats

In general, you may get a standard (cutting) mat in 12 x 12 inches. They are pretty useful to make vinyl or cardstocks, and others. In case you are using a delicate type of material (such as light paper or vellum), then you may like the LightGrip mat. For heavier and thicker materials (especially those that easily move or shift), you want to use the StrongGrip mat.

What about cutting bigger materials? No need to worry as there are bigger mats in 12 x 24 inches. These mats are designed for bigger vinyl projects although you are free to use it for any material you need.

A word of advice: Break the mat first before initial use. Remove the protector (it is a clear one) and then stick your mat to your shirt. Do this several times. What’s the purpose? The mat would pick some lint’s up, which will be helpful in removing the already-cut materials. If you don’t break the mat, the materials would stick firmly to the mat. Removing them would be impossible.

  • Tool Set

Well, the decision to buy the tool set depends on your craft activities. If you are going to use the machine quite often or you are planning to have your own craft business, then the tool set can be super useful. But if you aren’t going to use the machine often, then the tool set may not be crucial. In tool set, you will get trimmer, scissors, tweezers, scraper, weeder, spatula, and so much more. If you aren’t familiar with them, you need to practice using each one of them.

  • Pens

The pens are handy not only for scoring, but also cutting and writing. It may take a while to learn how to use the pens properly. You also need to get used to the designing aspect. But once you get the hang of it, the pens are a great investment. And you can create a lot of artistic stuff with those pens.

The Verdict

All in all, the decision to buy the accessories totally depends on your needs and preference. Only you can decide what your must have cricut accessories are, so start from the very basic and then gradually develop further.

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