List of Materials for Cricut Explore Machines, What materials can cricut maker cut – Cricut, the modern and most practical cutting machine ever made, has been through several important changes to meet your needs of creating best creations and arts for the wide range and various materials available.

Cricut machines has proven to always upgrading their ability to be even better at especially cutting. Now the Cricut Machine are able to cut thin or thicker materials, even you can cut chipboards! Make sure your materials are listed on the website for best results are less than 2.00 inches for the Cricut Explores and less than 2.4 for the Cricut Maker.

Some materials are meant to be used for certain machines to get the very best result. However, almost all materials listed here are cut by all the Cricut Machine versions. This article is going to give information about what materials that can be cut using Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker versions.

Here are the list of the materials you can cut using Cricut Explore Machines.


They are divided into some vinyl types: Basic Vinyl, Premium Vinyl, Specialty Vinyl, Patterned Vinyl, Bulk Set Vinyl, Adhesive Foil, and the Transfer Paper. They are varied according to the colors, sizes and of course the price.

Basic Vinyls are available in standard 25 solid colors and comes in a 12×24 inches single roll, cost about only $3. The more upgraded quality is the premium vinyls which come in wider size of a 12×48 inches roll and priced twice as the Basic. What makes it better from the basic ones is that they are more durable to be used outdoor and the color quality is not easily washed out by the sun light and weather.

The other is the Specialty Vinyl which come in various colors such as glitters, holographic, and glossy. Reflected by the name itself, the patterned vinyl is of course patterned vinyls which have cute prints series such as Disney’s series, flowery, modern, vintage, holiday theme and other interesting patterns. They are all set in vinyl cricut roll in various sizes. The biggest rolls come in Bulk set which allow you to make huge or mass projects, and of course you will get much cheaper price for this one.

“Is cricut vinyl removable?”

Many ask whether or not the Cricut vinyls are removable, and the answer is YES. The vinyls are decal type which are easily removable even if they were heated or pressed. However, they will be much easier to remove if they are not pressed or heated while applying. Vinyls are different with the Iron-on ones which are not removable once they are applied on the materials.


They are: Everyday, Lite, Foil, Holographic Sparkle, Glitter, Patterned, SportFlex, Bulk.

Everyday iron-on available in more than 25 solid colors and cost around $9 to $25 according to the size, color, and the set/package. The cheapest ones usually contain of 3 different color sheets and sized 3.7 x 24 inches long. Some may call it as cricut heat transfer paper and they are not removable since they are pressed and heated while applying.

Paper and Scrapbook

They are: Cardstock, Corrugated Cardboard, Foil, Embossed, Kraft Board., Pearl, Poster Board, Sparkle/Shimmer. Cost around $10 you will get a 20 sheets of 12×12 inches cardstock in various color choices which allows you to make unlimited creations and arts! Paper and Scrapbook give unlimited possibility in making DIY arts, cards, wall hangings, journals, framed arts, personalised presents, personalized gift papers and more.


Cricut machines also cut fabrics, that what the cutting mat is for (to hold the delicate materials in place) so the machine cut nicely. Cricuts can handle: Designer Fabric, Quilt Panels, Quilt Kits, Fusible Fabric, and Pre-cut Fabric. With only $3 you can purchase a set of pre-cut fabrics with various pattern to make your creativity instantly works without purchasing wide-single-colored fabrics since you may not use the rest! Cricut Explore machines also cut more various materials such as Faux Leather, Felt, Foil Acetate, Leather, Party Foil, Washi Sheets, and even a Window Cling.

However, there is a more professional machine dedicated for a company or anyone who needs better and greater machine which can hold wider and cut mass products at once. It cuts all materials mentioned in all previous Cricut Versions above and other materials that other versions can’t cut, then the Cricut company introduces the great and the all new Cricut Maker.

It cuts wider and stiffer fabrics, leather, thicker paper, and you can even cut a wood with precision!  Cricut Maker use three different kind of blades for each specific materials for best result. Knife blade is to cut thin material, rotary blade is used to cut curvaceous lines and the deep-point blade is to cut the thick materials. The machine offers sleek cuts, easier operation system and very durable machine you can use for years.

Here are materials that can be exclusively cut using the new Cricut Maker:

  • Chipboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Kraft Board
  • Matboard
  • Balsa Wood
  • Genuine Leather
  • Garment Leather
  • Tooling Leather
  • Acetate
  • Suedes
  • Felts

Chipboards are perfect for stiffer projects such as 3D home decorations, hangings, boxes, miniatures, masks, modelings and other unlimited creations and possibilities. Other materials also offer a very wide ideas for unique and personal creations. With Cricut Maker, you will experience easiest cutting process for your business. So what are you waiting for? Check the website for more information and decide which one is best for you. You can find almost all you need in time from the materials, free designs, design space, app and art inspirations just for you.

You also need to take notes that these machines aren’t suitable for foods since they are not food graded tools and clearly are not purposed to cut any food such as fondant, chocolate, dough or pastry sheets. Quick tips, you are better to try every single material you will use before you cut the real projects to prevent unwanted possible damage and loss of your materials. You can also find numerous FREE designs  on the official website and App for your inspirations, and find the instructions here.